Hey there! I’m Tess,

A Toronto based real estate agent, founder of the Real Estate Investors Lab, and creator of Online Lead Attractor, an 8 week group program for modern real estate agents to launch and market their business online.

In a nutshell, I’m all about modernizing the way we attract leads and establish client relationships in the real estate industry.

As a 12+ year real estate agent, I was never just about making the sale. I was way more concerned with making my clients happy and making sure they were making the right decisions. I felt a strong disconnect between the business advice out there for agents and the way that I wanted to relate to my clients. Those dated tactics just weren’t working for me… constantly cold calling FSBOs, trolling craigslist for your next listing, and spamming your family and friends with your office’s listings. 


Sure, the referrals were there and my clients were happy...but I was still stuck on the hamster wheel of finding leads, warming them up, closing the deal, and doing that over and over again without any system or leverage.

After years of trying different coaching programs, spending thousands of dollars a month on old and outdated marketing systems (with zero results), I ditched the old school methods, dropped the lead hunting frenzy, and started a totally different business.

I took a huge risk by starting an online business teaching regular people how to invest in real estate (enter: Real Estate Investors Lab).

Once I started building an online business for investing, I learned how real-deal, modern lead generating systems worked.

I created everything within that system to reflect my own personality (buh-byeeee templated flyers and cheesy billboards), I highlighted my knowledge and experience, and I was authentic with everything that I shared.

That’s when people started reaching out to me, thanking me, and asking if I was available to take them on as clients.

This was a huge shift.

Finally, client attraction that was working.

Without intending to, I had a booming real estate business model that was automated, modern, authentic to me, scalable ... and the leads were coming in.

I dug into the why and began noticing the gap between the online marketing I’d just learned and the old school marketing methods that were taught to me as a realtor.

A giant lightbulb went off when I recognized the need for quality marketing training for realtors that WASN’T stuck in the 20th century. I quickly realized that my system could be easily replicated and realtors could do the same thing I’d just done…

Attract good leads online and use systems to leverage time, money, and lead generation so you're no longer spending all your time chasing prospects and can finally focus on servicing clients and selling real estate instead.

It’s now my mission to fill that gap, and I do that through free, online content, a facebook community, and my group coaching program, Online Lead Attractor.



3 Ways To Generate Quality Real Estate Leads Online

  • How to leverage your time using online marketing strategies that won’t break the bank
  • Position yourself as an authority so that prospects are asking to work with YOU.
  • Avoid making the biggest lead generation mistake and save thousands of dollars in commissions.
  • How to say goodbye forever to door knocking and empty open houses so that you can spend your time showing up for clients and doing what you do best.


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