How to Use Facebook Live to Get RE Leads so that you can Stop Bugging your Family and Friends for Referrals

How to Use Facebook Live to Get RE Leads so that you can Stop Bugging your Family and Friends for Referrals

Before facebook live or online marketing or prospecting in general, how did we get new business?  We would have to hold events, or cold call or door knock, use direct mail, newspaper ads or call up family and friends and ask them for referrals.

These can be costly, painful, ineffective.

Facebook lives are great because they are accessible to so many people.  Facebook favours live video so they will show it to more people and it really just  allows you to get in front of a large group of people. This is a great way to use leverage in your marketing.  Not to mention that it’s free and just one click of a button to operate.

Instead of trying to get people onto a webinar or using any of the more dated tactics, more people are seeing success and getting onto a  live video.

That being said the drawback to Facebook live is that it doesn’t have longevity.  After it airs it can easily get covered up by all the other content being pushed through by facebook.  It sort of gets lost in the shuffle not long after it airs unless you are running ads after the fact to promote it.  

That isn’t good for long term leveraged marketing content.  When putting time and effort into a marketing strategy it's always smart to be thinking long term.


So how can you leverage the great qualities of doing a Facebook live and turn it into a great marketing tool that has longevity?  

You can download the video, edit it, and repurpose it for other platforms like youtube, instagram or even better, your blog.  That way it can live on forever, be searchable and continue to work for you over and over long after you finish the recording.

When it comes to thinking like a marketer you have to think long term and that means creating content that you can leverage over time and will continue to bring you leads into the indefinite future.

How often should you go live?

There really is no secret magic number for this.  The more the better if even for the simple fact that it can be nerve racking at first so the more you practice the more comfortable you’ll be and the more likely you will stick to being consistent.

I try to stick to once per week in my Facebook group.

I would choose a regular time and commit to it.  Don’t over promise lives to yourself because if you fall short you will be more likely to quit altogether and be disappointed in yourself.

It’s so important to be consistent so choose an amount that you can stick to.

What to say:

I see a lot of people just straight up pitching on their facebook live and that gets old really fast.  

I think there is also a lot of chit chat or sitting around waiting for more people to join to things like that.

I like it when people don’t waste much time getting into the content of the video.

I think the best thing to focus on is education.  Educate your audience on real estate and specifically your niche.


How to do them:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Ask a question or introduce the topic
  3. Content
  4. Call to action

Value is solving a problem or education of some kind.  

It could be something like 3 repairs that will add thousands of dollars to the price of your home or costs that most buyers are unaware of.

When coming up with you video content always be thinking: 

Who am i trying to attract?

What’s the type of person and what type of content would help them out in their situation? 

What do they really want to know about?

Don’t hold back the good stuff.

The call to action is where we are going to actually get leads.  

The whole point of doing any marketing is to get someone to raise their hand and respond to what you are putting out there.  This can be commenting, sending you a dm, sending you and email or doing exactly what you are asking them to do in your call to action.

The best thing to collect leads efficiently is to have a link to a capture page or an opt in page with a free offer in exchange for their contact information.  

This could look like additional tips to your video or something extra that they would want if they enjoyed what you talked about in your live and want more.

Then, once they enter their info they would automatically get sent a great high value piece of content and then they would be on your email list.  

This is called a marketing or sales funnel.  Trust me, you want one of these.

If you don’t have that in place yet, don’t worry, for now until you do,  you could invite them to comment on your post and then you can follow up with them after or invite them to send you a message or an email and you can send them something manually in that way. 

It’s just easier to set something up that does everything for you automatically, again, the use of leverage in your marketing.   

Let me know in the comments, are you using Facebook lives or any video online to attract leads?  Do you have a marketing funnel set up to capture those leads?