The Secret Weapon to Start Getting Real Estate Leads Online

The Secret Weapon to Start Getting Real Estate Leads Online

Everything happens online now, we know this.  You also know that you should be online in some type of way because that is where people are looking first to find an agent.  

What you might be struggling with is how to spend your time effectively online to get results.  

In other words, what do you need to do EXACTLY to get quality leads online.   

You may have a Facebook page and an Instagram or Twitter profile but it’s not getting that much traction or engagement.  Does this even matter when it comes to bringing in leads online?

Or, maybe your posts aren’t translating into prospects reaching out to work with you.

Do you need to have a ton of followers to grow your real estate business with online leads?  Not exactly.

You might be focusing on the wrong thing. 

Let me break down for you exactly what you need to do to start attracting ideal clients online.


  • Your Facebook business page
  • Your Instagram posts
  • Posting Linkedin articles
  • Your blog
  • Youtube videos


  • Offering a free piece of high value content that is given in exchange for someone's contact info.
  • An automated system that attracts people to this free content, invites them to enter their information, thanks them for asking for it, delivers it to them, and has automated follow up communication that lets them get to know you.
  • This system warms up cold prospects to get to know, like and trust you.
  • An ongoing marketing plan that includes posting to social media to gain that know, like and trust factor and add fuel to your automated system.

This system (also called a funnel) is the backend of your online marketing business. 

It backs up everything you do on social media so that there is something in place that will capture prospects and warm them up on autopilot for you.


Simply put, it’s an online sales process that brings in cold prospects through the top of your funnel (via paid or organic traffic), through your online business nurture system,  to hopefully warm them up into leads and then eventually convert them into loyal paying clients out of the other end.

In the same way that people sell products online, real estate agents are selling their services.


  • Lead magnets
  • Opt ins
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Sales funnels

Your online marketing funnel will be the number one non negotiable thing that you need in order to have a successful lead generation system online for your real estate business.


It may seem overwhelming but there is a step by step method to creating a real estate sales funnel that actually converts.

When I first started learning about the online marketing world I was overwhelmed.  I was buying books, watching youtube videos, buying courses and trying to figure out how to make this work for me and my niche, which was helping people become real estate investors and buy their first investment property.

My brain hurts remembering how big of a learning curve it was for me to figure out how to put all of the pieces together.  

But that’s how anything feels when you are doing for the first time. 

After you learn how to create an online lead generation system yourself,  you will have a skill that is invaluable to your business. No one will be able to take that away from you.

Even better, you will be creating the marketing for your business authentically which will be reflected in everything that you put out there and attract the right clients to you.

No more, buying into someone else’s leads generator that shows none of your personality or individuality.   

Online prospects can smell that from a mile away, this is why the leads are usually crap.


Ok so before we get into exactly how this works we can finally say goodbye to all of the old things we used to do to get leads.

Cold calling, door knocking, sending out flyers, sitting in on empty open houses, asking for referrals, going to networking events.  Hoping for referrals. Actively prospecting and hoping someone will reach out without being able to track any results.  

Here’s the problem...most realtors are stuck in the past and using prospecting techniques that are stuck in the 70’s and 80’s

All of these old school ways to get leads are dependant on luck.

Not to mention that they are PAINFUL to do!

Did I really imagine getting into real estate to have the door slammed in my face or hung up on and told off at least 50% of the time?  

Yes, these strategies work sometimes and build a thick skin and blah blah but they also are not scalable and that’s just not smart business.

One of the best parts of moving your lead generating online is that you can say goodbye to the old, outdated, and uncomfortable prospecting tactics that you hated anyway.

You are a professional offering a valuable service and you deserve to be treated with respect, not just playing a random numbers game hoping that something sticks.

Now, you can finally be proud of your marketing and build it to fit your personality and style so you don’t have to feel ashamed about promoting what you do.


The way we can ditch all of the above:

Create an online lead generating system that will attract people interested in buying or selling real estate, warm them up to see if it’s the right fit, have them reach out to you and ask you to work with them, then close them as clients no matter where you are or what you are doing.

This is smart business that works in the 21st century.


So many realtors are now realizing that they have to take their business online to start attracting leads, but most are failing and it was happening to me too.

The problem is that the focus is on the wrong things:

  • Focusing on building a shiny new website.
  • Worried about getting social media followers.
  • Spending money on ineffective advertising.

Followers do not matter and online marketers know this.  

You do not need a massive following to have a successful online lead generating system.  Likes and followers do not translate into paying and loyal clients!


The overall goal of the funnel is that prospects enter on one side, they go through the whole system and then and sales contracts (commission sales) come out the other side.

The best part about this is that there is no grey area, these are all of the parts and they all have a role and function to the system as a whole.


Gaining traffic online and directing it to your offer.  These are people not connected to you, they don’t know you, like you, trust you...yet.  This can be done through paid advertising or organically.


The traffic will be directed to a really simple opt in page.  This will have its own URL (web address) and it’s going to offer them something that you are going to give them for free.

The free offer (aka lead magnet, freebie, opt in) could be a webinar, guide, PDF report, email course, or checklist.  It’s has to be really valuable and exactly what they want, otherwise it won’t work.  A free home evaluation won't cut it here.

The cold prospect will  enter their name and email address in exchange for what you are offering them.

As soon as they enter their name and email they will be automatically directed to a thank you page.  

Then the thank you page is connected to your email service provider, whatever one you're using.  The thank you page lets the prospect know that their freebie is on the way.


From the thank you page your email service provider will kick in and send them an automated sequence of emails so that they can get to know you and more importantly get more  value from you.

You will deliver what they want, but then continue to strategically build a relationship with them.  

This is all done automatically.  

So the emails will be written in advance and spaced out to deliver to them on autopilot.

The goal of the sequence is to build relationships and establish a connection because people need to know, like, and trust you to want to work with you and sending them a list of listings from your office once a week isn't going to achieve that.


Throughout your funnel you will be promoting your offer which is most likely to book a call with you.  In addition to having people book a call with you, you will also have an offer page. This will outline exactly what it is that you have to offer your clients, how you stand out and what makes you their best option when it comes to buying or selling real estate.

Your offer must be unique and it’s worth it to spend some time figuring out what makes you different from other realtors, what can you offer your clients that makes you stand out,  what guarantees can you give them.

All of this would be included in your offer page.

From your offer page (also called a sales page) they will be able to book a call with you.


This is the whole lead generation system.

Once this is created, designed and launched online,  you will be able to be strategic in directing people to enter your funnel in the form of traffic.


We have all felt it when working with a client that just isn’t the right fit. Or trying to convert a cold prospect that you already know is going to be a nightmare.

You just don’t click, they don’t seem to respect your time or your efforts and you get the feeling that they are always a bit suspect of your intentions.  That sucks!

Then there’s that feeling when you work with a client it clicks, you can joke around together, and driving from house to house or riding the elevators in condos is never awkward.  

You even get a bit sad when they do finally buy or sell their home because you will miss them!  That is the DREAM client.

By building your own personally crafted marketing system and showing up authentically as yourself you will weed out the bad clients and start naturally attracting the people that resonate with you the most, your ideal clients.

This is the best part about mastering your marketing and crafting the perfect message for your audience.  

The key to this is showing up as yourself.

When you show people your values and beliefs you will attract people with similar beliefs and values.

When you create your marketing system to reflect you instead of buying someone else’s leads, you will start attracting leads that actually convert.


What you need to know above all else is that you will never run out of prospects.

There are no shortage of leads.

The problem is one of two things; you either don't have a lead generation system in place OR there is something wrong with the system itself. 

If there is something amiss in one part of the system, then we can fix it.  

It’s never a lead generation problem.

I love this so much because it takes luck out of the equation.  

Everything is figureoutable, we can fix any problems in the system.


This is why you got into real estate to begin with. To build a business that supports you not the other way around.  

Become the CEO instead of the employee.

You came into this profession to make money and to make an impact, otherwise this is just a hobby and I’m pretty sure, if you are still reading this,  that you didn’t get into this business for hobby money.

This is why you need to spend the time necessary to build a real estate sales funnel.  

Invest your time and money back into getting those quality leads instead of spending money on flyers, buying crappy leads or old school methods that are a waste of time and money.

If you are ready to create your own online marketing funnel for you real estate business but you want some help you can get on the waitlist for my online program and you will be the first to know when enrolment opens again.